Asadullah Chaudhry

Event head of Flux

Hello delegates👋🏼! I am Asadullah Chaudhry, Event head of Flux. The Flux team aims to challenge your mental acuity, improvisation and your ability to work as a team player while simultaneously ensuring that you enjoy yourselves. From Solitaire Frenzy and Construction Icon, that pushes your dexterity to the limits, to the classic Jeopardy which probes your brain, sign up now for an invigorating series of events.

Rayyan Malik

Event head of Pubg Battle Royale

Hello Delegates! This is Rayyan Malik, Event head of Pubg Battle Royale. Ready for the ultimate battle experience? Because now you'll have to strategize, create and ultimately beat your opponents. Bring in your squad and show your gaming skills! So what are you all waiting for? Come join us as we prepare and test your abilities to cope up, survive and take down any threat towards you. Looking forward to working with you all.

Fatima Kamran

Event head of ‘into the wilderness’

Hey delegates!👋🏼 it’s Fatima Kamran here, Event head of ‘into the wilderness’. Have you ever wanted to experience a camping trip? Well, here's your chance, right here in Multan! In the fourth edition of BHS OLYMPIAD, we bring you 'into the wilderness', an event packed with fun activities and challenging tasks that give you those camping vibes. Bring along 3 of your most trustworthy friends and GET READY for an adventure with the essence of survival!🍃